2013 Suzuki QuadSport® Z400

QuadSport® Z400™ Super Clean must see!

The QuadSport® Z400 was first introduced in 2002 as a high-performance sport ATV featuring running capability delivered with it’s liquid-cooled DOHC engine – the first in its class – and other advanced designs, along with cutting-edge styling. As soon as it appeared on the market, the QuadSport Z400’s high performance quickly won wide popularity; the model presented to many customers around the world the enjoyment of ATV riding, from sport rides to competition use. The QuadSport Z400 became, at the hands of Team Suzuki / Yoshimura rider Doug Gust, the first four-stroke ATV to win the ATVA Pro class championship. With the introduction of the race-ready QuadRacer R450, the QuadSport Z400 was no longer the top choice as a base machine for competition ATVs; still, the model continued to win strong support from customers as a user-friendly, higher performance all-round sport ATV. Now, six years after its debut, the QuadSport Z400 unveils a new form and function design to bring about exciting evolution in sports ATVs. While keeping intact it’s basic concept of offering sport ATV riding enjoyment to a wide range of customers, the latest QuadSport Z400 features various QuadRacer R450-derived upgrades – fuel injection, ECM settings for more traction and aggressive styling – for higher performance and more user convenience.